REDCap-Tools is an organization that fosters interesting projects built against REDCap. Developers and projects in this organization have no official ties to REDCap other than a motivation to promote the data management capabilities provided by REDCap’s more advanced tools (namely the API and Data Entry Triggers) to their fullest potential. We hope to foster projects across a wide-range of programming languages. Our other goal is to connect users to the best existing libraries and resources for their needs.

If you have written a tool or application that helps improve reproducibility or accuracy in your a REDCap-based project, please consider housing it in this organization. This growing community of advanced REDCap end-users may find interest in your project and may want to help make it better. Also, if you move on in your career, placing your project under this organization will help to keep it growing and improving after you have moved on.

Notably REDCap-Tools takes no ownership over the projects hosted in this organization. That is left to the discretion of the author(s).

If you have a suggestion, please consider creating an issue for it in this repository (click the green ‘New Issue’ button in the top right).

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